The cops pulled over a car he was riding in for making an illegal U-turn in South Carolina
During the stop, cops say they found weed in the car and put the rapper in 'cuffs. Cops say they also noticed a warrant out for DMX stemming from a previous driving without a license case and informed him that he needed to go to jail.
    Cops say X was a passenger in an F350 truck that made an illegal lane change. When they stopped the ride, cops say they found a bag of weed sitting on the arm rest of the passenger door, where X was sitting. Cops say one of the officers recognized DMX during the arrest and knew there was an active warrant for his arrest.
        The officers proceeded to search the car ... and found 3 more bags of weed under the driver's floor board. ... so they cited the driver for possession of weed. According to the report, DMX became "very aggressive with this words and was making multiple idle threats."