(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s hold on music may be secure, but the Rocawear clothing brand the rap mogul aligned with over the years is on shaky ground.
Rocawear is faltering so much so that Jay-Z is taking the bull by the horns and leading the effort to put the brand back on top with its first-ever television commercial.
The Anthony Mandler-directed black and white clips, titled From “Marcy to Madison Square,” will chronicle Jay-Z’s rise from selling CDs from his car in the Marcy Projects of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to headlining Madison Square Garden with Kanye West on the “Watch The Throne” tour in November 2011.
The Rocawear commercial arrives amid troubling times for the apparel line, which experienced a global sales dip of $ 500 million. As a result, “Roc Apparel Group LLC laid off 28 of its 56 employees at its Manhattan headquarters,” Women’s Wear Daily reported.
Speaking with the publication, Iconix Brand Group president and chief executive officer Neil Cole revealed that things are looking up for Rocawear, despite a “rocky winter.” Iconix bought Rocawear for $ 204 million in 2007.
This winter has been especially hard for Rocawear. In November, the company came under scrutiny for allegedly selling “Occupy All Streets” T-shirts without giving any of the profits to the Occupy Wall Street movement which inspired the clothing. In addition, rumors swirled that Jay-Z was about to leave Rocawear. As it stands now, sales of Rocawear’s men’s clothing account for just over 15 percent of their overall intake.
Talk of Jay-Z’s departure has since been silenced. The entertainer is committed to staying on with Rocawear until 2014, after renewing his contract for another three years. While the rap star has a lot on his plate, Cole maintains that Jay-Z is still in control and doing his part to ensure that Rocawear continues to thrive.
“Of course, he’s a busy guy between his tour and his new baby and his music,” the executive said. “Are there times when he’s not on tour and not in the studio where we get more time with him? Yes. And are there times when we have to work via e-mail and through other channels? Yes. But we are lucky enough to get a lot of his time and caring.”
In addition to the new commercial, Rocawear plans to rebound by focusing on children’s and international sales, which have proven to be more successful. The Jay-Z-featured Rocawear ad is set to hit the small screen this spring and air on MTV, BET, and TNT during NBA basketball games and online.


Fashions Finest the most ‘sought after and popular show’  during London Fashion Week will be back again for season 3 on 18 & 19 February 2012, following on from a fabulous Season 2 at the Westbury Hotel, Mayfair London where 18 extraordinary designers showcased and whom received rave reviews.
Not only are the Fashions Finest shows renowned for discovering new talent and giving opportunities to those that would not normally be able to afford to participate at London Fashion Week but it attracts press, buyers and fashionistahs from around the world who want to see the new trends that are being developed by the designers that Fashions Finest feature.


I would say if this was where most relationships were based, then maybe I would have slept with almost all the girls in my neighborhood. Does this No strings attached theory really works or it’s just a way of running away from feeling something for that particular someone?
It all start with having a friend who you kiss, who you say does have a problem with you seeing other people while you with her/him. I’m sure that is every guys fantasy where a girl would say ” Relax anytime you want to have some crazy, steamy hot , sex call me, NO STRINGS ATTACHED” you will hold on to that number for dear life and hope she don’t get a serious boyfriend.
I’m wrong though when saying only “MEN” cause even if the ladies won’t agree with me they do wish that they can have that kind of freedom without being called names. Well ladies you can and No one has to know…lol **hides**. Having this kind of relationship with someone mostly it ends up with either parties falling for the other and then boom reality hits them. If the other party is not interested in a relationship rather than sex then they will bail, act all angry on your ass. It won’t be sudden no no no, it will involve detailed planning on how to make you stop this relationship while thinking it was your idea to stop it meanwhile it not.
When you sleeping with someone there has to be some connection, even the ladies @ 101 Smith Street are getting paid do for the connection :) ( sorry ladies don’t know where the guys one is  ), so what will make your transaction not billable. It will be either you and your “friend” falls for you and you that will be the end of it. So what’s next when one has confessed feelings for the other party, well it’s simple they break up. See mostly it’s man who initiate the breakup in silence and then woman will think they did, we put all the answers where it will be easy for you to find them (relax guys I won’t go in details). For woman sleeping with a guy without hearing the famous words (“I love you”) is kind of difficult especially if you fancied the guy. You know this might be your only chance to be visible to him or blow his socks away. Ada khadabra…. then he likes you.
Well sorry to blow away that little smile on your face but that’s not how it is. You can never share intimate, behind closed doors with someone and expect them to love you just because they had a chance to rock your boat. Just pray he won’t tell you about a girlfriend that he never broke up with and she is back or guys he tells you about his brother who is a pain the ass and she can’t shake off. When you see or hear any of these then guess what you have been dumped no more sex sessions for you china.

No strings attached, is it a myth ?
No matter how you can say you can master it, this thing is like embed in a human brain , that is why one crazy person called it Love Making cause during sex you bond with that person cause you sharing what you treasure with him/her, unless you are the 101 Smith street ladies for them it’s for rent and supporting their families. What if the person you are busy with is married and they just didn’t tell you, what if you breaking someone’s relationship or a chance on being happy? We all know men are weak when the blood get hot, a few can control their feelings and act right.
Take this for an example, a girl passed by and she is hot wearing Lord have mercy outfit. What does a man do, runaway, hides, or he turn and looks till he drools :) ?
Ladies what do you do when a hot guy passed by , do you walk straight and not look back, pretend you never saw him or you smile and look at him thinking damn brother you fine…?
We all have our weaknesses it in us, it’s like a back light on a cellphone, no back light at night on your cellphone then good luck finding your phone when it rings :)
Well the floor is open, what are your views on this as much as I think it’s awesome having this kind of relationship it is dangerous on the other hand.
To those who haven’t watched this movie “No strings attached” go check it out at the cinemas near you.
BY: Bongani “Napoleon” Dlamini



Grammy-winning singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter is reportedly getting sought after for $ 100 million to take her talents to the small screen and become a judge on reality music competition television show, “The X-Factor.”
According to reports, the million dollar gig would be for a full-time role.
Simon Cowell is offering Beyonce an annual salary of $ 100 million to be a full-time judge on The X-Factor, according to reports online. It would be the highest TV salary ever, and could be the perfect job for Beyonce, 30, who gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy, her first child with husband Jay-Z, last month. The X-Factor gig could allow the Grammy winning singer to stay in the public eye during her baby’s first years without having to tour. 
The opportunity comes in light of vacancies by former judges.
Is Beyonce the next X Factor judge? The New York Post is reporting that the new mom and pop diva is being offered $ 100 million a year by Simon Cowell to jon the show after the exit of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. The report also claims she’s like to stop touring and stay in one place for her daughter Blue Ivy for the next few years. Mariah Carey has also been mentioned as a possible candidate for the panel with holdover L.A. Reid
No stranger to the show, Beyonce previously appeared on “The X-Factor” four years ago.
Beyonce, who has been said to be looking for a job that would keep her closer to home, appeared on the British version of “X Factor” in 2008. While this might qualify as being closer to home, no word on whether $ 100 million was within her expected salary range. 
Last year, Young Money star Nicki Minaj met with Cowell to reportedly speak on having a role on “X-Factor.”
“I can’t talk about that, but I love Simon very dearly,” the Lil Wayne protégé answered in a British accent. “He’s such an amazing man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and my life will never be the same, darling. I told him that. I was absolutely in love with him prior to meeting him. And now that I’ve met him, it’s like I dream about him every night.”