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Palatial: Justin Bieber reportedly plans to buy this palatial estate in Atlanta for $10.95 million as he moves to the city to establish a hip-hop career
Atlanta residents beware -- Justin Bieber has been scoping out houses in Atlanta ... and one of the mansions he's eyeing is on BLACKLAND ROAD.

The 7-bedroom 16,000 sq. ft. house is located in the exclusive Buckhead district -- where Usher currently lives. Young Jeezy also calls Buckhead home.

It's listed for $10.95 million.

All the essentials: The huge home even features its own home cinema, perfect for someone who craves privacy
As we reported, Bieber want to move to ATL to be closer to a thriving hip hop community -- and this house is extra special because it meets Bieber's list of Atlanta real estate criteria. After his Calabasas fiasco, sources tell us, Bieber's demands include an estate that:

-- Can't be visible from the street (preferably secluded on 5+ acres)
-- A minimum of 10,000+ sq. ft.
-- Lists for between $4 and $10 mil.

Dream kitchen: While Justin's cooking skills are questionable, the huge kitchen with all mod-cons is the perfect place for an aspiring chef
Party time: While he may be only 19, Justin's love of partying is already legendary and he can take the party back to his house with this home bar
So far, we're told Bieber has breezed through multiple estates, and he's looking to buy ASAP.

As we previously reported ... Bieber is selling his Calabasas mansion and he's looking at large, private estates 20 miles from where he currently lives.  Yes, he can afford 2 houses.

Mature: While Justin is still a hot-headed teenager, the sprawling pad features a more mature decor

Better call the interior decorator: Justin needs to buy a lot of furniture to fill up the sprawling mansion
Living large: The exquisite grounds make this property the perfect place for parties and entertaining
                               Usingizi huu waweza kuwa wa Justin very talks.

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant By The Game, Kendall Jenner Welcomes Baby Daddy To The Family in Instagram Photo

Khloe Kardashian Pregnant By The Game, Kendall Jenner Welcomes Baby Daddy To The Family in Instagram Photo
If sources are to be believed, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is. Sounds about right. Khloe and Lamar Odom got divorced only a few months ago, which means the baby could easily be his. Then again, it’s just as possible that the baby’s Matt Kemp‘s or the Game‘s, considering Khloe was rumored to have had affairs with both of them as well. Actually, forget affairs, she was pretty much dating Matt as of last week. However, a new picture that has surfaced on the net might provide us clues to the paternity of Khloe’s unborn child.
Kendall Jenner and the Game were spotted posing together in a picture, looking extremely close for two people who have the vaguest of connections. However, if the Game actually was Khloe’s baby daddy, it would make sense that he would be bonding with the Kardashian family, considering he himself would be joining it pretty soon. If the baby’s his, then that’s pretty much his honorary addition to the Kardashians, which he’ll no doubt regret soon enough.