Kelly Rowland Talks Destiny's Child Reunion, Working With Lil Wayne & David Guetta | Je Wataungana Tena?

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Kelly  Rowland discussed Destiny's Child, the leak of her new album, and working with Lil Wayne and David Guetta when she stopped by for a Live Q&A Monday (July 25) -- the day before her third solo album, "Here I Am," drops.
"As an artist I've allowed myself to try different things in the studio," Rowland said. "Where I would have been a little scared, I allowed myself to just be. I wasn't afraid. That was one of the best parts of this album is the fact that there was nothing holding me back. The only thing that could have been holding me back would be myself."

Rowland worked with Lil Wayne, Big Sean, David Guetta, Rico Love andEster Dean on her new album, and had only flattering things to say about her collaborators. Lil Wayne worked with Rowland on her first single, "Motivation," which peaked at No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

"He's just an artist that loves music," said Rowland of Weezy, whom she has not had the chance to work with since he collaborated on Destiny's Child's "Soldier" in 2004. "You can tell that just by how genius he is on his records. When I loved this record ["Motivation"], I was hoping he would love the record. And you can tell that it vibed with him or it connected with him in some sort of way for him to do what he did on this record because when I got it back -- I literally was at a loss for words."

She also worked with David Guetta in the past and teamed up with him for a track on "Here I Am," titled "Commander." "David is great. He really, really is. And I'm so excited he has a new album coming out," Rowland mused. "He's great to work with in the studio. His energy for music -- his passion for music is nonstop."

Despite having broken up in 2005, Rowland and her Destiny's Child counterparts, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams remain close, and rumors continue to circulate about a reunion in the near future.

"To be honest with you -- myself, Michelle and B -- we haven't talked about it. It has not come up in our conversations. We talk about everything else... But we haven't talked about that yet," Rowland said.

The star is used to being compared to Beyoncé, and is used to being asked about Destiny's Child. It doesn't bother her, but she said, "What kind of angers me a bit is just the fact that Michelle is in Destiny's Child, too, and respect her and know that it's three of us -- it's not two."

All three women are supportive of each other. "It's just really great that we're all doing different things and we're all happy in our space," Rowland said.

Rowland's ten-track "Here I Am" album drops tomorrow (July 26), and fans are eagerly awaiting what is expected to be a successful release. "One of the best parts of this album is the fact that there was nothing holding me back," Rowland said. "The only thing that could have been holding me back would be myself."

Kanye West & Jay-Z Hold 'Watch the Throne' Listening at the Planetarium - The Juice

Last night (August 1), Kanye West and Jay-Z gathered journalists, fans, close friends and family, such as Beyoncé,Kelly RowlandSolangePusha-TBusta RhymesTeyana TaylorQ-Tip and Jada Pinkett Smith, to sip champagne and listen to the anticipated album, "Watch the Throne," under the stars of the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium.

The Throne, comprised of Jay-Z and Kanye West, held three listening sessions from 7 - 9 pm. After everyone took a seat, the lights dimmed and the first track off the album, "No Church in the Wild," featuring Frank Ocean began to blast through the speakers. While the Hayden Planetarium's space show, Journey to the Stars, played above, The Throne ran through twelve tracks off "Watch the Throne," plus interludes.

Beyoncé's vocal prowess kicks off the second track, "Lift Off," singing, "We gonna take it to the moon/ Take it to the stars." "N*ggas in Paris," produced by Hit-Boy and 'Ye is filled with luxury rhymes and samples a snippet of Will Ferrell's line off the film, "Blades of Glory": "No one knows what it means but it's provocative."

On "New Day," produced by RZA, 'Ye and Mike Dean, Jay-Z and 'Ye rhyme to their unborn sons. Jay-Z advises his unborn son to "look a man in his eyes" and "keep your word" and 'Ye hopes his son has "an easy life, not a Yeezy life."

Swizz Beatz produced two of the most talked-about tracks on the album, "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Murder to Excellence." Ye' and Hov touch on black-on-black crime and transition to celebration on "Murder of Excellence." Frank Ocean shines with a soulful chorus on "Made in America" and includes a classic line from 'Ye, saying "I get high on my own supply" when speaking of his beats.

"Watch the Throne" closes with one of the most powerful cuts on the album, "Why I Love You," featuring Mr. Hudson, on which Jay-Z and Kanye West address "loyalty" to "lawyer fees."  "I'm sorry I just can't die for you," Jay-Z spits.