When Tyrese Gibson's daughter Shayla turned 5, he threw her a massive 300-PERSON birthday party ... complete with countless expensive gifts, DMK has learned. Tyrese revealed the insane party details in new court docs, and he used them as ammunition against his ex-wife's bid to increase his child support payments.
   Tyrese's ex Norma Gibson claims he's an absentee dad and she deserves more support because he consistently blows off daddy duties -- but he says the birthday bash proves otherwise. In addition to the party -- at which Shayla received roughly 200 gifts -- Tyrese says he pays for Shayla's private school and her nanny, he regularly buys her new clothes, shoes, and around the holidays ... he spends "thousands" to play Santa.
Actually in the end the Judge saw this in favor of Tyrese and denied the case.Go ahed boy enjoy your fatherhood 

Ngoma Africa Band going from strength to strength in Europe

Ngoma Africa Band going from strength to strength ! 
 Ngoma Africa Band, a German based Tanzanian band is now one of the oldest and most successful Africans bands in Germany. Many African bands in Europe hardly survive for more than a year. Yet Ngoma Africa Band, founded by Ebrahim Makunja aka Ras Makunja in 1993, is still growing stronger. The band plays "Bongo Dance", which is a unique combination of traditional and modern Tanzanian rhythms with Soukous and Rumba. All theirs songs are in Kiswahili. Ngoma Africa Band has released several successful hits including “Mama Kimwaga” (Sugar Mummy), “Anti-Corruption Squad” and “Apache wacha Pombe” (Stop over drinking). In 2010 Ngoma Africa Band released a single in praise of Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete. The song titled “Jakaya Kikwete 2010” praises Mr. Kikwete’s good leadership skills and commitment to fight corruption. On 12th August 2012, Ngoma Africa Band received the International Diaspora Award (IDA) at the International African Festival Tubingen 2012, Germany, for their hard work in promoting East African music throughout Europe. Ms. Susan Muyang Tatah, CEO of the International African Festival Tubingen 2012 said Ngoma Africa Band was also chosen for the Award because of their creative performance on stage. It’s difficult to resist dancing at their concerts, she said. This year the band released a new CD titled "Bongo Tambarare" featuring "Supu ya Mawe" and "Uhuru wa Habari". The new release is already dominating air waves in Tanzania. "Supu ya Mawe" advices the listeners to work hard and be patient while pursuing their objectives in life. It also appeals for generosity towards the needy. "Uhuru wa Habari" praises African journalists who are bold enough to speak out the truth in environments where freedom of speech is quite limited. Ngoma Africa Band is famous for staging thrilling shows in festivals in different parts of Europe. The band’s joyful female dancers, wearing traditional costumes and dancing vigorously to their tunes, always leave fans asking for more. Ngoma Africa Band is composed of talented young musicians including soloist Christian Bakotessa aka Chris-B, Said Vuai, Matondo Benda, Jonathan Sousa, Aj Nbongo, Richard Makutima, Bedi Beraca "Bella" and Jessy Ouyah. For further information about Ngoma Africa Band and to listen to their music, please visit www.ngoma-africa.com.
By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a



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