Diamond na wasanii wengine wakishoot video ya wimbo huo wa pamoja
Video hiyo ambayo ni ya One Campain inawashirikisha wasanii zaidi ya 20 huku Tanzania ikiwakilishwa na AY na Diamond.Wasanii wengine ni kutoka Kenya Victoria Kimani,DBanji wa Nigeria,Vusi Nova South Africa,Femi Kuti Nigeria na Wengine wengi.

                                                              Victoria katika shooting

                        Diamond akiwa na Victoria Kimani kutoka Kenya...Usalama upo?
                             Diamond akiwa na msanii  kutoka Vusi Nova South Africa

MJ Estate to Wade Robson You Waited WAY Too Long To Accuse MJ of Molestation

Famed choreographer Wade Robson is full of BS when he says he waited years to file a molestation claim against the Michael Jackson Estate on grounds of repressed memory ... so says the Estate's lawyer who wants the case thrown out.

Robson has filed a claim with the Estate asking for $$$ based on his sexual abuse claim, but Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman has fired back in legal docs ...  the fat lady sung on Wade 4 years ago.
Weitzman says in order to pursue a claim Wade should have filed his case within 60 days of learning MJ's Estate was in probate court ... and pretty much everyone knew that because it made news around the world.

Weitzman actually got Robson to admit in a deposition he KNEW about the guardianship dispute involving Michael's kids back in 2009 ... so his claim of ignorance just doesn't hold water.

Robson claims he delayed in filing his claim because of repressed memory.

A judge has yet to rule on Robson's right to press a claim.

As we reported, Robson first went on the offensive last year, claiming MJ "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 ... until Robson was 14.

Wade had previously denied MJ molested him during the singer's 2005 molestation trial, but says the old testimony was a lie ... and that Michael had engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent.

Robson is demanding money from the Jackson estate as compensation for the alleged abuse.

Brian McKnight Lawsuit My Accountant Ruined My Life

Brian McKnight claims his accountant was so fraudulent, so deceptive ... the money man stooped to secretly getting a United States congressman to help cover up his misdeeds.

McKnight has filed a lawsuit against Vernon Brown and Company, claiming Brown ruined his life by not paying ANY of Brian's taxes for close to a decade ... resulting not only in more than a million bucks in back taxes, but more than $500K in penalties and interest.

Here's how bad McKnight says it got ... In the lawsuit he claims Brown knew he screwed up and secretly contacted Congressman Henry Waxman and gave him a phony sob story that got Waxman to contact the IRS and get McKnight back on an installment plan.

McKnight says Brown was so bad he screwed up the installment plan and the taxes were never paid.

McKnight says his credit is now crap, his house has a lien, his music royalties have been frozen and his life is in shambles.  Not only that, McKnight says his driver's license has been suspended for failing to pay back taxes, and because his son shares the same name HIS license was suspended as well.

And here's an honor no one wants ... McKnight says he landed on California's Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers.

Something he can put on his mantle ... next to his Soul Train Music Award.