Watch Will Smith Embarrass Jaden with On-Camera Kiss

A fresh prince. Alien-destroying fighter jet pilot. Homeless superhero. Ghostly golf caddy. Needless to say Will Smith has played many parts in his diverse career, but his recent role as World’s Most Embarrassing Dad is definitely his most believable.
There’s even video to prove it.
While promoting his new sci-fi film After Earth in Thailand with his part-time co-star, full-time son Jaden Smith, Will carries out his fatherly duties of embarrassing the hell out of his kid. Because, really, what’s the point of having a dad if he doesn’t make you want to avoid every single person at school the next day?
The reporter asks the duo if their off-screen relationship is anything like the estranged dynamic portrayed in the film.
The two both turn to each other with Jaden answering, “Nah,” and Will agreeing, “No, we’re very affectionate.” He then proceeds to push Jaden’s buttons by cozying up to him, announcing “I can kiss my son!,” and then forcing a kiss on Jaden mid-interview. Jaden freaks, we laugh.
While Jaden searches his dad’s room for that prop from Men In Black that erases people’s memories, you can watch the father-son exchange here: