Beyonce Shares New Personal Photos of Blue Ivy

Just when you thought Beyoncé and Blue Ivy couldn’t get more adorable, that this duo sent from heaven just couldn’t get any more precious, they eviscerate us with these new photos of the two relaxing in a hot tub.
On Beyoncé’s Tumblr/Blue Ivy’s unofficial photo album, the two can be seen looking serene as ever with the singer wading in a pool of water as Blue Ivy rests her head on mama Bey’s chest because haven’t you heard the song? Beyoncé always puts her love on top.
Like all the photos uploaded on Bey’s site, there’s never really any context given to the images—you just have to be in the know. Falling in line with the spontaneous narrative laid out by her previous snapshots, we can assume that these are just the most recent from behind-the-scenes of Beyoncé’s tour, where her and Blue are able to steal a mother-daughter moment away from the spotlight together.