He has suddenly been propelled back into the limelight following Whitney Houston's premature death.
And now Bobby Brown is reportedly trying to sell a script about his life, which he wants his daughter Bobbi Kristina to appear in.
According to RadarOnline the former New Edition star's self-penned the work about his tumultuous life, and is now shopping it to Hollywood studios.
And he is hoping to garner even more publicity for the fledgling production by pushing the idea his 19-year-old daughter should appear in the movie.
Quite how she would respond to such a move is unclear however, as she reportedly wants to change her last name from Brown to Houston in honour of her mother.
The script is titled The Bad Boy of R&B: The Bobby Brown Story, and when he sent it out to potential backers late last year it received very little interest.
But that was before the death of his superstar ex-wife from a suspected heart attack in Beverly Hills on February 11.
Now the My Prerogative star and his writing partner Michael Pinckney have had renewed attention to the project.
The script’s ending will now have to be re-written to include the untimely death of the I Will Always Love You singer.
But the remainder of the story will stay the same as the former couple’s volatile marriage is only “lightly touched” on in the script.
Pinckney, who is managing director of New York production company Black Noise Media, spoke to celebrity blogger Carlton Jordan to explain the project.He said: 'We actually wrote the script back in November and the movie lightly touches on their life and marriage together.
'We will now definitely have to go back in and revise the ending of the movie. 
'This is such a sensitive subject which is why we did not push the fact that we have a script for the Bobby Brown story so soon.  
'We definitely wanted to give it some time to disseminate just out of respect to the family, friends and fans of Whitney Houston.'