How good are you in bed?

How good are you in bed?
We have no problem rating our sexual conquests down the pub with our friends, but how do you rate yourself in the bedroom?
It seems some Brits have a very high opinion of themselves when it comes to sexual prowess, with 24 per cent claiming they are ‘10/10’ in bed. While 44 per cent believed they were eight or above out of ten.
So what makes us think we deserve such a high score?
The results were based on ‘partner’s feedback’ (41 per cent), the ‘grapevine’ (22 per cent) and also our own opinion (37 per cent), of our performances, found the poll by online pharmacy
The majority of say they deserve this mark our of ten simply for being ‘selfless’ in the bedroom, with 46 per cent claiming it was their generous nature that warranted a high score. ‘Staying power’ followed closely behind with 33 per cent saying this is why they merited the mark, and 31 per cent claiming it was their ‘sense of rhythm’.
And are those who didn’t rate themselves very highly just being modest?
Anyone who scored below five (52 per cent) said they had ‘no staying power,’ while 25 per cent said they had a ‘lack of interest’ in sex, and 23 per cent stating they were ‘unskilled/inexperienced’.
The survey also found that those who rate themselves higher are getting more sex.
Anyone who rated themselves seven or above were the most likely to have regular sex claiming to get lucky three times a week, on average. Sadly for those who rated themselves lower than five, it was just a fortnightly romp in the sack.
‘For men, sexual staying power has always been an obsessive mark of their masculinity, as much if not more so as a benchmark against male friends as for pleasing their partner,’ says Psychologist Donna Dawson ( ‘It is true, though, that the more sex you have, the better you will get at it – practice makes perfect – and the more you will want it because having sex increases your sex drive.’
And it seems men love to boast about their performances in the bedroom with 66 per cent of men saying they bragged, compared to just 28 per cent of women. The reason? Most women (46 per cent) said they didn’t want to get a reputation.
‘As I suspected, men brag more about their sexual performance than women do,’ adds Dawson. ‘However, I’d advise not getting too dependent on your partner’s compliments. They might be lying or exaggerating to make you feel better. And your own self-assessment could be self-deluded. Aim for thoughtfulness, affection alongside raw passion, occasional variety, and working towards a balanced give-and-take, so that neither partner ends up feeling short-changed or having to be the selfless one.’