Rumors: Before Drake Crushes A Chick, Guess What He Does…


I couldn’t come up with the right word for the title of this rumor. I know “crushing” hasn’t been used since the days of Big Pun. But, ever since the Lil Wayne controversy, I’ve changed my ways! I won’t use terms like smashing, hitting, annihilating, destroying or even tapping when it comes to sex with women! Crushing seemed to be the saftest!
That said, I heard an interesting rumor about Drake that reminds me of a Chappelle skit
Remember the “Love Contract” skit? Yeah? I heard that Drake smashes all the chicks he wants, but before he does, they have to sign a binding contract to keep their freaking trap SHUT! This is probably why you really don’t hear any crazy, crazy rumors about Drizzy from any common tricks. He lets out his own rumors as he sees fit, i.e. the Rihanna stuff. But, if these regular chicks want to be with Drake, they gotta sign on the line. I didn’t hear the penalty if they break the contract though.