Kanye West and Kim Kardashian relationship has been a public display. The two are consistently on the scene in magazines and blogs. There seems to be a genuine love between the two.
It’s being rumored that Kanye is planning to pop the big question to Kim – as soon as her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries is finalized. Source’s are saying tha Kanye plans to use his mother’s old jewelry to create a ring for Kim.
He loved his mother and he wants to show his love to Kim, by giving her something that means so much to him. This is a sweet gesture, if it’s true, I do not think Kanye overly emotional ass should do that. What if the marriage doesn’t work; will Kim hold on to such a sentimental piece? If Kanye gets the ring back, it will be tarnished with dismay.
Kim is only 31 and this would be her 3rd attempt at marriage. I personally think that Kim needs to take a breather, find herself and be alone, until she really understands what she wants.