The legendary producer Quincy Jones hurled some unflattering comments in Diddy’s direction recently.
Speaking at the Spotify Stores Behind The Music event in the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood, Jones gave some candid thoughts on the Hip-Hop mogul.
According to our sources, Quincy spoke with event host Bruno Mars about Diddy’s musical abilities, with Jones claiming that Diddy “wouldn’t recognize a b flat if it hit him.”
Quincy Jones went on to say that Diddy’s skills lay in business and marketing, not in the musical arena. “P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing, he’s got clothes companies, and Ciroc vodka,” Jones said.

Quincy Jones long and distinguished career as a producer has seen him working with the likes of Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Count Basie, as well as working extensively with Michael Jackson on such classic albums asOff the WallThriller, and Bad.
Speaking of his own work, Quincy Jones said, pointedly, that people used to prioritize music over other consumer products. “People bought music before they bought clothes and shoes,” he said.